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Katanagatari Unofficial English Translation: Act 1: Zettou Kanna: Epilogue

--- and so, the story returned to the dojo at the beginning.

Shichika and Togame sailed across the sea, from Fushoujima and arrived at Kyoto's Kooritoko Dojo.

And at the sparring ground, Yasuri Shichika is surrounded by 6 men. And the 6 men who was rushing to beat Shichika, were all on the floor white-eyed, fainted, unable to get up and continue to battle.

The 6 men's bokutos can't even touch Shichika's body, and all of them clattered on the floor.

"---- impressive!"

Togame, who was sitting at the corner, clapped her hands in glee, talked to the silhouette of Shichika:

"It's a pity my eyesight isn't that good, I can't see it properly. Just now that move is the one that finished off Maniwa Koumori right?Let say there are 6 people, or 7 people even it can attack them simultaneously, it is really flashy indeed --- However, what if there are 8 enemies, how would you handle them?"

"Well I will count it as 8 swords --- are there any chances of this circumstances happening?"

"Naturally it would, since there are 11 Deviant Blades Owner left!"

Togame said.

Shichika sighed unrelently:

"11 people? That would be a hassle."

"Well it is not surprising. Maniwa Ninja Corps has 11 leaders, not to mention that strongest swordsman .... Nay, now he's been classified as a ronin swordsman Sabi Hakuhei; It is an eventual matter, well it is not out of the calculation. Speaking of which, I see you knew how to spare lives, it really makes me quite relieved. Those guys were just unconscious, and all of the Bokutos aren't broken --- well that is very important."

"Is it that important?"

"Of course it is. [Zettou] is an unbreakable sword, therefore there is a chance for you to be a little careless, but the next time you may not be that lucky. I now take the time to remind you again, don't think that you use your pure strength to win Koumori; What if Koumori was smarter than the smart, how would you win? In other words, you just won by luck."

"Oh, this point I would not deny. Just now the big words that you said, actually I could have lost by then."

"My responsibility, is making sure that you will not lose. The tactician could get confused by the smart ones, but the strategian is not. From today onwards how we live our lives. you will follow my directions, got it?"

"Ok, just leave it to me."

Shichika immediately replied, answerd in a happy manner.

"These means I already passed your interview right? Then, Togame, what other directives for me to follow, just say it out now!"

"Now.... there are four directives."

"Four? Lets hear them."

"The First I had just said earlier on, do not break the swords. No, not actually break them, do not even think about letting the sword come under any attack, only defense. Since there exist the unbreakable and exceedingly hard [Kanna], the rest of the 12 I am afraid they are not that resistant; I hope that the condition that I can obtain the sword is not exceedingly violent. In other words --- No matter whether the sword is on my hands or the enemy's hands, you have to be extra careful."

"Understood, I will protect and guard the swords. The second?"

"Protect me. Although the goal is to collect Shikizaki Kiki's swords, if I die, it will all be in vain. Like that time I was kidnapped, this kind of scenario should not happen again. You have to protect me from any injuries or any wounds."

"Understood, I will protect you. The third?"

"Protect yourself."

Togame said:

"It is not me being considerate of you. In the process of collecting Shikizaki Kiki swords, there should be no short change. If you sustain severe injuries while collecting one sword, to obtain the next one will be nigh difficult, therefore you should not injure yourself."

"Understood, I will protect myself. The fourth?"

"Protect yourself."

Togame gave the same answer, and got up; She smoothened her clothes, turned around and walked out of the dojo, it is to not let Shichika see her expression.

"That one ...... is me being considerate of you."


"Don't die. This journey may be perilous, but please don't die. --- Understand? I don't want you to hear that you couldn't do it, hurry up and say you understand."

" --- got it, I will follow what you say."

Shichika started moving, catching up to Togame.

"So what's next? Didn't you say that you want to collect 2 or 3 swords, then head back to Owari?"

"The Kyotouryuu's name is not heard far and wide, and if I just brought you back with such a small reputation, and you had just obtained one sword, it is not very good; That said, the Zettou is actually being snatched back. The second sword that we are obtaining next is Zantou [Namakura], it is said to have sharpness as it's focus, not that tough at all; The one who held it is a man called Uneri Ginkaku (宇練 銀閣), and he is a feudal lord ..... the premise I will tell you on the journey itself, lets get you some clothes first! Follow me."

"Understood. I love you."

"Oh, you can love me as much as you want."


---so that it, the two of them embarked on this journey, and stepped on a journey full of perils and monsters to find the swords.

Well, up to the conclusion of this journey, they would know that the legendary Shikizaki Kiki's 1000 deviant blades --- that includes the 12 complete form of the blades --- [All] of it would be for Kyotouryuu ..... To craft the one and only Kyotou [Yasuri]. And the Strategian Togame, is oblivious to it.

(Zettou. Kanna ---- Obtained)
(Act 1 --- End)
(Act 2 Next)

Character Profile:

Maniwa Koumori

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Ninja
Affliation: Maniwa Ninja Corp
Position: 12 Leaders
Sword Owned: Zettou [Kanna]
Height: 5ft 8.3inch
Weight: 93.12pounds
Interest: Ceramics

Moveset Compendium

Hofuku Zettou (Slash): Left Up Up Right  Slash Slash
Hofuku Zettou (Lunge) : Left Up Up Right Lunge Lunge
Shuriken Barrage : Down(Hold) Up Lunge
Sword Barrage: Down (Hold) Up Slash
Ninpou: Kotsuniku Zaiku : Down Down Right Right Up Up Slash+Lunge+Kick

Next Act:

Opponent: Uneri Ginkaku
Collecting: Zantou . Namakura
Battle Stage: Kakoku Castle


Recently I heard stories from many people, listened to many people's experiences, and every time they lament of their lack of ability to do things. Human beings are generally lazy, if there are least motivation, they will always try to do something, well finally they will be some what landing up in the average zone; The worst one is that even with the least motivation they do not know whether to save it, they do not want to work, yet do not want to back out ..... Being a human being , I can be emphatic with this situation. To put it more succinctly, there aren't such things such as low motivation or high motivation, they all lend a hand to hard work. And that kind of people are the ones that have a far sight in life, and hence being able to obtain much more in life than other people. It is like gaming, there is a goal in the end and a quota to meet, the longer you play the better you become; And the interaction with 2 people is like the same. There is no ambition, and there is a drive to work hard, and to even defeat the main antagonist; It is something out of a fairy tale, it really makes a human being's life much easier. Of course, we are talking about a human being, what is there to be talented at something when nothing can be obtained, it is already too good to be true; And compared with the small amount of motivation, an exceeding talent is dwarfing the small motivation ......Back to topic at hand, this point and saying that there they have no talent is just an excuse. There are people who spend time and effort to make their talent, just take it as a test. To summarize,  to determine people on how they live their own lives, and it is not [what we can do] that drives us, it is [what we could not do] that decides it.

And for this aim of the book, will to put it simply, it should be a journey to map out the 12 swordsmen. The goal is for 12 books, and this is the first act, there are 11 books left, one book for one sword; Well to discuss the ending, it is like spoiling an end of a movie, it is not what an author had in mind. Well, I will put my heart and soul to craft out this work, and I will definitely appreciate one's input. And the one who helping me realize my works and how my people and swords look like, I don't need to say it further, all would have known by now; That's right, it is Take. To me, to put the words down and to realize it in illustrations, and Take is able to illustrate it masterfully. The future is yet unknown is what is going to be the story's theme; [Katanagatari] first act Zettou.Kanna, hereby was born.

And I would like to give my deepest thanks to the ones that follow me on this long journey.

Nisio Isin


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