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Katanagatari Unofficial English Translation: Act 2: Zantou Namakura: Prologue Part 1

The paper door rustled open.

What lies beyond the door is not spacious, to say the truth, it is quite cramped. At it is devoid of any household furnishings, and it appears to just a simple tatami room, however there is someone sitting there, so it felt quite packed, its not surprising since the room is that small.

There is a person sitting in the room, it is a long haired, slender looking male and it appears to be like a nobleman.

He was dressed in a long robe that was more black than purple, his eyes are tightly shut, sitting squarely in the middle of the room, and it appears he was deep in slumber ---- Nay, he was deep in sleep.

It is already late in the night, therefore it is not strange; However the one that slept while sitting down, it is weird.

However ---

Someone who carries a sword while he was sleeping, it wasn't that exceptional. His left waist was attached with a sword with a black scabbard, and anyone who looked at it, it was a Deviant Blade, and it was even more precious than the sword wielder himself.


Upon hearing the door being opened, the long robed man slowly opened his eyes.


With that weird sounding laugh, the one that opened the paper door walked into the room. It is a guy that was garbed in ninja gear, however his ninja gear is quite different from the ninja gear that one normally associated with, it does not have much clothing, rather the whole body is wrapped with thick and heavy chains.

"deedni lufemahs yllaer si ti ,siht ekil rood tnorf eht hguorht gniklaw yltnatalb ajnin A  ----  elbadiovanu si ti,noitautis siht ni revewoH."

That self proclaimed ninja said.

However what he spat out, not a single educated people would be able to comprehend, it is this ninja's own personality that confuses people --- a very very queer personality.

"flesym ecudortni em teL. igasarihS awinaM ,sproC ajniN awinaM eht fo sredael 21 eht fo eno ma I."


In comparison, the man who was wearing the long robe just squinted his eyes, it could be that he just woke up, his mind wasn't alert yet. Speaking of which, even if he came in broad daylight, and one ninja suddenly came spouting nonsensically, and thinking of how to deal with it, that will be considered strong. In reality, this ninja is very weird, and he even walked into the room via the door.


Maniwa Shirasagi (真庭 白鷺) --- [Backwards talking Shirasagi] laughed, even his laughter's sound is reversed.

"uontaZ suomaf eht ti si, tsiaw ruoy no gnignah saw taht ybab suoicerp ruoY? [arukamaN] uotnaZ.  ssenprahs ni delellarapnu sti ,meht fo eno si [arukamaN] uotnaZ siht dna ,detcefreP erew meht fo 21 ,sedalB tnaiveD 0001 ikiK ikazikihS fO."

Shirasagi said:

"revo ti dnah ylteiuq tsuJ!"



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