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Katanagatari Unofficial English Translation: Act 2 Zantou Namakura: Chapter 1: Inaba Desert (Part 1)

"Alright, we gotta think about catchphrases for now."

The girl said as if she has lost her mind.

She was of a short built, she wore something like 12 layers of clothes to make her look bigger, well it can be simply put this way; Normally people wore clothes and move around, for her it is like a bundle of clothes that can move by itself with someone inside, not to mention that she carries so many accessories. But the one that caught most people's eye, was the long flowing white hair.

She is Strategian Togame.

 "Ah? Catchphrases?"

The male gave a comment that seems like it's not a comment at all.

In comparison with the lady, that man was built thinly, wore light clothes, well if he had wore one less piece of clothing, he could have been just a streaker. He wore simple clothes, his lower half was covered in a simple Hakama, well with exception for his arms which is covered too. Upon his back was a ridiculously heavy luggage, it was so heavy that it almost ripped the cloth that wrapped the luggage apart, but he carried it like it was nothing.

He's Kyotouryuu's Seventh Generation Head - Yasuri Shichika.

"Catchphrases? What do you mean?"

"You don't even know what a catchphrase is? That is not good. A catchphrase, is basically what you commonly said from the heart."

"No, I know about that .... Uh? Whose catchphrase shall we think about?"



Shichika could only "Oh", and continued nodding his head.

That was kind of a normal response.

"However, if a catchphrase is something that came naturally from the heart, wouldn't it be strange come up one on purpose...?"

"Listen carefully, Shichika."

Togame assessed Shichika's reaction , and started to explain:

"Your last month's heroic deeds on Fushoujima, I already started to write about it."

"Huh? Oh! Right, the report!"

A Strategian from the Owari Shogunate.

That was Togame's identity.

And the report she spoke of, it's for the upper ranking officer's perusal, therefore what moves she made or what she observes she must put it down in that report.

And this report is about, the collection of the swords --- to collect the remaining 12 blades of Shikizaki Kiki's Deviant Blades.

"You had mentioned before about the report. Right, if I didn't mention to you before, but I finished off that ninja with a awesome finishing move!"

"No matter how awesome the move is that you used to finish off Maniwa Koumori, I didn't see it happen, therefore I couldn't write what I didn't see."

'Why is that?"

Then why did I even go through all that trouble in fulfilling her wishes? Shichika lamented.

"But I did all you asked!"

"Can't be helped, I didn't even see it, how would expect me to go about writing about it? However that matter isn't that critical, I can edit this another time. However coming back to a more pressing matter. Shichika, upon writing about how you obtained Zettou [Kanna], I realized something important."

"Oh? What important thing?"

"You lack of character."

She suddenly said that, what she said is also quite venomous, if it were him, he would have been depressed or shocked already.

Even he is someone who grew up on an island, a personality as natural as Shichika, will naturally cringed, and stopped.

"Lac...Lack of Character?"


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