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Katanagatari Unofficial English Translation: Act 2 Zantou Namakura: Chapter 1: Inaba Desert (Part 2)
"As I was writing the report, that ninja always stood out more than you; I then rewrote the report, it seems futile, no matter how I phrase it, I can't make your personality even more sensational than Koumori. In the final draft, when I read it once over, the overall impression I had on you is just [A half naked idiot]."

"Wa, wait, Togame -san!"

Shichika is flustered, and hence added a '-san' to his words.

"Of course I would lose in character if I compared it with someone who pulled swords out of his mouth! But in the end, no matter the character, at least I won the fight ---"

"Of course you must not lose in the fight, however character wise you also could not afford to lose too. You are just daft and not that interesting."

"Couldn't you put it in more gently?!"

It seems that being called [Lack of character] and [A half naked idiot] and not to mention [not that interesting] wounded Shichika quite a bit.

His name is Shichika, with a name like that, its a wonder he could even me more interesting.

"In the midst of the ninja group Koumori was in, there are even more ninjas with interesting personalities. Let me illustrate an example, hmmm, there is a ninja called Reverse Talk Shirasagi, he would always talk in backwards.

"Talk in backwards ..."

Shichika is unable to imagine it, not to mention that he is unable to comprehend the meaning behind talking in backwards; Nay, no matter how earth shattering the reason may be, he would still unable to understand.

"To tell the truth ..... Togame, regardless of nature or anything else, I would not like to be compared to the sorts of Koumori or the Maniwa Ninjas."

Maniwa Ninja.

The assassination group of ninja is inadvertently dragged into the discussion.

However, Shichika is oblivious; to fulfil history's tradition, Togame planned for him to adopt a catchphrase for the sake of it.

It really is sympathetic for Shichika indeed.

"Well it helps if you have at least a personality it would be fine, well to tell you to get one in that short amount of time is nigh impossible; Just fighting with them it would be too easy as well. However, Shichika, just concentrate on getting and improving your skills.

"Ski, skills ..."

"Well if you continue to train, it could bring out your character."

"Really? I don't know...."


Resistance is futile.

Togame continued on:

"I shall help you to look for your catchphrase."


"Make it part of your personality, like water, when it flows into a container, it would take the shape of what it would fill, a personality makes a man. Shichika, you must not underestimate the power of catchphrases, this is the most identifiable trait of a character, well for personality wise, you could be lacking in certain circumstances. Catchphrases --- or how they speak or the mannerisms, are the trademark of the character. Take the example I made just now --- Maniwa Shirasagi backwards talking, it can be a form of a catchphrase.


How is he able to talk in reverse? Shichika could not comprehend.

"Let me think about another example..... Right, Maniwa Koumori. Maniwa Koumori often laughed in a weird way, right? That kind of insane laughter brought out his childish and mad personality. When he laughed, we can automatically analyse his character."

"Well I felt that being normal is also quite a nice route to take..."

"Don't be daft, I won't allow it. How am I suppose to write a compelling report with such a boring character then? If I could not capture the attention of the higher ups, what should I do then?"

 "Well, I have no talent about writing report, but isn't the purpose of a report is just to report what happened, why do it have to be captivating?"

What kind of academic professor, would demand such draconic and selfish terms?

"Anyways, lets get back on topic. I had a suggestion, the catchphrase of Sabi Hakuhei who is one of the wielder that was stated on the order that was given to you last month was very good. Well normally I don't give praise to betrayers but I gotta give credit where it's due."

"Sabi Hakuhei..."

The current Strongest Swordsman, some says that he's just a lanky youth.

 "What was his catchphrase? Lets hear it then!"

"Well, he always say this before battle, his most common catchphrase: "I will make you fall for me!"


Sabi Hakuhei.

The wielder of one of the 12 Perfected Deviant Blades that Shikizakiki himself forged. --- Hakutou [Hari], since they embarked on this journey, it is an eventuality that they would meet him sooner or later. Of course, up to now, Shichika had not seen this mysterious man.

And Togame found his catchphrase enthralling......

Shichika had already begun to have second thoughts about this.

"When Koumori or Sabi collect swords, I had no trouble; But now when you accompany me to collect them, I felt it was like a momentous task lay ahead of me, I have to think about this for you. After finish the 1st draft, what I thought about was this.


So bossy.

"Well since you do not know the way of the world and words, I shall educate you then. Nanami also said to entrust you to me."

"I think my sister would not want to ask you to bother with this aspect ....."



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