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Katanagatari Unofficial English Translation: Act 2 Zantou Namakura: Chapter 1: Inaba Desert (Part 4)

"Idiot! How could you bring out your unique character with this? The main character kept saying that this is troublesome throughout this report, the reader wiil also feel that it is troublesome! No, you should put yourself in my shoes, if I wrote such a dismal and uninteresting character, what happens if I lost the will to write halfway, you think that's okay?"

"Re, really..."

A total rejection.

Shichika's one and only strong character traits, was rejected just like that.

"Then again, if I wrote about you collecting the swords, and then you were complaining how meddlesome it is, it makes it seems that you are unwilling to gather up the swords don't you think?"

"So you mean I should go about doing it enthusiastically?"

"That's of course. Think about it, you should not make it as if I force you to do it."

So its because of her ego, maybe its her  being some officer quirks.

Speaking of which, Shichika do not care nonetheless.

"Right, Right .... I will not say that its bothersome anymore, that settles it right? But first things first. Togame, I am a little curious. When you hit me that time, you said [Cheerio!], what does it mean anyway?"

"Uh? Oh!"

Togame rubbed her fists ( It seems when she punched Shichika, it was kind of ineffective, considering she only injured her hand) and cheerily replied:

"That was my catchphrase."

"Oh? What was the meaning of it? It doesn't sound remotely Japanese."

"Hmph! Of course someone who lived in a remote island won't understand, that is not the usual clear cut Japanese! The [Cheerio] hails from the region Satsuma in Kyushuu and it is really popular phrase. It's not much in the dialect, but more like part of the culture. I don't have any particular connection to Kyushuu, but [Cheerio] seems quite cute to me, hence I used it. In conjunction with my appearance, it actually looks quite well."

"Ah so that is it, it looks quite showy!"

"That's right, it really accentuates my character!"

Togame swelled with pride.

...... Incidentally, the actual phrase that she was supposed to use is [Chesuto], the term [Cheerio] was supposed to mean [Goodbye!], [See you!], or [Take Care!] for example. Well this white haired strategian will know her mistake 3 months form now, and knowing her embarrassing mistake was plastered on the reports and forever recorded in the annals of history.

Back to topic --- it seems that the discussion on the catchphrase hits the main point.

"However, the definition and requirements for a catchphrase is quite broad, mannerisms and quotes aside, how could one think of a catchphrase right off the bat....?"

Right until last month, Shichika led a solitary life in Fujoushima, devoid of any outsiders; Prior to Togame's arrival, the only human contact he had was Kyotouryuu's Sixth Generation Head-- and his father Yasuri Mutsue, and his sister Yasuri Nanami. And they have not even used any catchphrases, and hence there's nothing special to glean from them.

That island hasn't had any visitors, even if there's any they are just passing by.

"Relax! I had prepared some materials in case you said this."

That is really really some persistence there.

Shichika silently thought to himself.

Shichika is someone who can't really hide his expressions well, even though he didn't say anything, his thoughts are written all over his face; However the reaction that Togame gave was quite the contrary, she obliviously continued on:

"Of course, you will have what you like."

Regardless of what time period or age, any sane person is able to make their own decisions, be it catchphrases or such.

"The final decision lies with you, just pick whatever fits your fancy."

"I can't reject this proposition right...... Alright... If you came up with something, I will select from it."


Togame beamed with confidence.

It seems the end of the topic will never be reached any time soon.

"Well firstly, it is regards to my catchphrase, before starting any sentence I would tack on a "what a hassle"."


Such a laziness, even some other words that other people blurted out would top the rejected catchphrase Shichika made.

"Well, if I am reading about this kind of boring main character in a novel, I would not hesitate to burn it. This kind of novel should not even exist on this earth."

"What of it? Well I guess you are just making a big fuss, this is also a personality I can ha --"

"Lets put the 'lack of character' aside... Right, let me elaborate, if you are traveling with a guy who does nothing but whine all the way? Would you travel with him?"

"Hm? Isn't that not much of willing to participate, or more like forced to participate."

She immediately reversed on the spot.

What a self serving and selfish woman Togame was.

"Then it's the matter of speech and dialect, let's try to work on your manner of speaking then."

"The way of speaking..... This isn't something you could learn overnight is it?"

"Lets try something of an aristrocrat descent? With this kind of language, it may give you a certain flair ___"

"Wow, even in the aristocrat there are people living on their high horses.... That said, Togame, you kept saying that I have no character and boring, it really hurts you know."

"Hmph, I never knew you were that fragile."

"Forget it! Come to think of it, I don't have to force myself to pick up a new trait that I don't want to have, just when you are writing your report, just add some lines for me , will that be okay?"

"Of course not, I can't report on things that are untrue."

"But even now you are fabricating stuff about my character!"

"Writing lies on report is one thing, creating lies is another."

This argument is seriously becoming illogical and nonsensical, all because of Togame's whim and fancy.

"It is easy to fabricate lies on report, however, on the standpoint of writing a novel,this thing is the crux of the report: Our conversations, it must be spontaneous and unique. Well speaking of which, sigh, since you are not even remotely interested in picking up a dialect.... We have to fall back on catchphrases then. Even this is lack of innovation, it is still the most reliable."

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It's been a few years and you've probably abandoned this, but I would love to see this continued. Thanks so much for the work you did so far anyway!

/quietly hopes/

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